House is a Family Unit

The love for electronic music with a focus on House and Techno in their various forms, the appreciation of quality music, and a cosmopolitan view that stretches beyond the horizon — these elements unite us. They form our house, our home base: the Family Unit — a record label, an artist collective, and a booking agency, all under one roof. House is a Family Unit.

Family Unit Music

Proving that they are not your average country band, M-Slide blends old-fashioned country charm, lyrical wit and rock n’ roll grit into radio-friendly, hook-heavy pop nuggets.

First release coming soon.

Hailing from the underground of Berlin, Family Unit comes to life with a finely crafted debut from Sauna.
Unification EP by Sauna
A1 Unification - Sauna
A1 Unification - Sauna
A1 Unification - Sauna
A1 Unification - Sauna

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Family Unit Artists

M-Slide heads into the era of America, Location 12 with both the passion and vigor of a band in their infancy and the knowledge and power of one together for twenty years and counting.


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