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Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg’s music addiction started from a young age; she was already going crazy about Michael Jackson’s tunes as a 2-year-old.

Later in life Alternative and Indie Rock soaked her in and gave her the motivation to start playing in front of crowds. At the age of 17, electronic music came into play. At the beginning mostly Minimal, Electro and Techno, later as well Deep House.

Still living in Switzerland she started a DJ duo with a friend called Pulp’n’Peel and one of their first bookings ever made the two girls play Techno at a party in the Swiss countryside. The guys, mostly farmers, didn’t quite get it. But the girls had fun. At the age of 19, Rosa Luxemburg moved to Vienna, and after a short affair with Madrid she finally ended up in Berlin.

Rosa is a regular guest at local Berlin favorites Anomalie, Anita Berber, and Burg Schnabel. She also looks forward to an upcoming stint in Asia in 2019.

Her sets are full of warm and colorful sounds, with a deep bassline, harmonic melodies and an uplifting drive that makes people dance. Probably today even those farmers would be dancing.

Rosa brings an unquestioned energy and sense of power to Family Unit. Her crowd-rocking sets leave a lasting impression her listeners as she demonstrates an uncanny ability to engage the throttle at the right moments.

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