Family Unit – Anita Berber at Night

February 22, 2019
Pankstrasse 17, 13347 Berlin
Anita Berber
Family Unit Music
Private: Justin Ramsey Jago K. Katy De Jesus
Family Unit – Anita Berber at Night

It begins with a knock at the door.
A nod of approval. Komm rein.
Upstairs, our dance floor was just fantasizing about your feet.
Our mixologists have prepared a stirring cocktail.
House with a twist of micro and techno.
Something to trickle into the stomach of your soul.

Into the marble-sized place where the universe resides within you.
The place where we all connect. Drink up, let go, and dance.

You’re with family now.
Bring your smile. It’s always worth more than it costs.
Family Time will take care of the rest.

/// Line up:

Katy De Jesus [Family Unit, Hush Crew]

Yrzck […]

Justin Ramsey [Family Unit, Berlin Bass Collective]

Jago K. [Family Unit, Sound of Village]

/// Family Timetable:

coming soon…

Admission Price: +

Komm gut nach Hause. Welcome home. House is a Family Unit.

© Artwork by Junge Hasen

Family Unit - Anita Berber at Night